Wooden lego, Mokulock, Komodo, lego birch
Wooden lego, mokulock lego, komodo legomokulock pcs

Wooden Lego Mokulock Basic 48psc


£39.98 (inc. vat)
£33.32 (ex. vat)


Mokolock are pure wooden toy bricks. This Japanese quality product is carved out from a single piece of wood without the use of surface finishing oil, chemical, paint or glue.

There are 6 kinds of Japanese wood used, each with a very distinct texture: Japanese Cherry, Maple, Birch, Japanese Zelkova, Hornbeam and Japanese Bigleaf Magnolia. All wood is harvested from sustainable forests.

  • Contains 48 pieces of MOKULOCK.

    Package size: 150mm x 215mm x 30mm
    Block size:.16mm x 32mm x 13mm

3-5 Days


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