Fantasy Forts Sturdy Julia bouwen
DetailsFantasy Forts Sturdy pakketFantasy Forts Sturdy Julia bouwen

Fort Panels Thick and Sturdy, Set of 16


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£115.20 (inc. vat)
£96.00 (ex. vat)

Thick and Sturdy version – designed for intensive daily use e.g in schools or nurseries.
Fantasy Forts, the modern day version of building dens, are suitable for children up to twelve years old. Sixteen panels, more than five square metres of building material, opens all doors for children. A towering high princess’ castle? A wide pirate fort? This isn’t a problem with the ingenious double sided Velcro system. This allows the plates – which have a natural and adventurous look and feel – to be attached to anything that is available. Less static than a ready-made tent, much more dynamic than a video game. Because the sky is the limit….                                         

Fantasy Forts?

– Provides an energy boost. Building is fun!

– Stimulates the imagination: everything is possible, everything is allowed.

– Adults can play, but don’t have to…

– Lightweight and safe.

– Very affordable!                                                                     

Sets contain 16 panels (55 x 55cm, 32mm corrugated cardboard) with 2-in-1 Velcro and 52 pieces of yellow Velcro.

3-4 Weeks


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