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Marioinex Waffle Blocks – 100 pieces


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Marioinex blocks are 100% recyclable. It includes 100 pieces of blocks. Its benefits are:
• Creativity – A child needs to develop its independence and becomes more and more creative, and therefore plays an important role a properly sized toy.
• 3D imagination – The child is expressed through play, learning to build their world, develop imagination. Construction of buildings helps in the development of spatial sensitivity and decision-making.
• Psychomotor efficiency – In the process of learning most important thing is mental and motor development. Therefore, we pay attention to it, in order to stimulate the movement of our child’s feelings and support for it while having fun, practicing concentration.
• Education – Educational toy allows your child in a pleasant way by acquiring knowledge from many disciplines. Appropriately selected will give you not only joy, but also with adequate information that stimulates the intellectual development of the child.
• Logic game – A child needs to develop its independence and becomes more creative and therefore a properly sized toy plays an important role.
Box Contains
100 x Waffle Blocks

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Not suitable for children under the age of 2 years.


3-5 days Delivery


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