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Marioinex Waffle Blocks – 170 pieces


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Marioinex waffle blocks are 100% recyclable. It includes 170 pieces of blocks.
• A logic game
• For artistic creation and 3D imagination
• Ideal for knowledge and education; increases creativity and develops psychomotor efficiency
• Recommended for 24 months and above
It’s benefits are:
• Creativity – A child needs to develop its independence and becomes more and more creative, and therefore plays an important role a properly sized toy.
• 3D imagination – The child is expressed through play, learning to build their world, develop imagination. Construction of buildings helps in the development of spatial sensitivity and decision-making.
• Education – Educational toy allows your child in a pleasant way by acquiring knowledge from many disciplines. Appropriately selected will give you not only joy, but also with adequate information and stimulate the intellectual development of the child.
• Logic game – A child needs to develop its independence and becomes more creative and therefore a properly sized toy plays an important role.
170 x Waffle Blocks

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Not suitable for children under the age of 2 years.


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