Giant Clear View Sand Timer


£59.99 (ex. vat)

2017 PPS Gold Award Winner! 
(Teacher Resources, Equipment & Tools category)

Enormous stylish sand timer which acts as a centrepiece timing device. Just like a standard egg timer it is simply rotated to set the sand flowing. At 325mm high it is ideal and strong enough for little children to use for timing events or tasks. The visual appeal and its impressive size make it an excellent investment for any classroom or nursery. Colour coded with the time in minutes moulded into the clear end caps for easy use and recognition.

Children may wish to sit on Giant ClearView Sand Timers, however please be aware that on uneven or sloped surfaces they may become unstable.

Supports the following areas of learning:

• Maths – time 
• Personal Development – PSHE 
• Communication & Language – literacy 
• Understanding the World – observation

What the PPS Award testers said:

“These large sand timers were just the right height for our children to sit on! Strong and sturdy, they were very appealing and colour coded with the time in minutes moulded onto the end. They encouraged children to use time-related language and were ideal for time-related games and activities, such as tidy-up time – a race to put the toys away before the sand disappeared – and timing each other playing with certain toys and swapping when time was up. An excellent resource which helped visualise the difficult concept of time.”

Size: 325x270mm. 3+


Product Description


1 min Green, 3 min Yellow, 5 min Blue


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