C8405-Basic-Motor-Skills- (1)


£282.00 (inc. vat)
£235.00 (ex. vat)

• A versatile set of equipment for children to build balance boards, obstacles, and crawl through hoops.
• Set includes bricks, poles, hoops, bean bags, balance beams, hand prints and footprints.
• Ideal for a variety of age groups and meets the demand for theme based exercise
• Each set is supplied with a sturdy storage bag.

Half Brick  x 12    
Brick x 8    
Pole 35 cms x 16    
Pole 70 cms x 8    
Balance Beam x 4    
Hoop 30cms x 4    
Hoop 60cms x 4    
Clip A x 12    
Clip B x 12    
Handprint 6 pairs    
Footprint 6 pairs    
Bean Bag x 10    
Storage Bag x 1 L 71 x W 81.5 x H 13 20 kg

Smaller set available

Suitable Age: 3+ years

Product Dimensions: Storage Bag: L 71 x W 81.5 x H 13cms * Weight: 20kgs


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